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Caktus AI (Cactus AI)

Are you a student feeling overwhelmed with your busy life? Keeping up with classes, assignments, and worries about the future can be challenging. If that’s the case, Caktus AI may be the solution to making your workload more manageable.

What is Caktus AI?

It is an innovative generative AI platform designed to assist students with various tasks such as academic writing, language learning, and solving math problems. It offers a chat feature that allows for convenient interactions. One of its standout features is the ability to solve math problems by generating step-by-step solutions, including plots and explanations. It can also write detailed descriptions based on math problems provided by the user.

To test Caktus AI’s math-solving capabilities, I tried the “Type a Formula” mode and asked it to solve a polynomial equation. The solution generated was comprehensive and tackled a wide range of mathematical challenges. Additionally, I gave the AI a fun math puzzle, and once again, the AI’s explanation was detailed and accurate. However, there were instances where the AI struggled with simple puzzles, possibly due to “overthinking,” so it is advisable to double-check the answers.

Caktus AI Math demo

Another notable feature is that it can be used for many things at school. It can solve math problems, solve physics and it can help you write essays based on academic sources. It can even be written in your personal writing style.

Cactus AI helps over 2,000,000 million students. Cactus is your online tutor, your couch, and your personal assistant.


And to add to the feature list it can help you to learn to code. It can teach you to code in 10 different programming languages and it will explain to you how to code some elements.

How to Start With Caktus AI?

To get started, simply visit their homepage and click the “Join Caktus” button. You will need to create an account manually since third-party services like Google are not supported. After creating an account, you can choose a subscription plan. The Free version only includes the Question Solver feature, while the paid plans offer access to all the important templates.

Once you have selected a plan and created an account, you will be welcomed to the dashboard. From there, you can explore and utilize the various features and templates available. Caktus AI offers a range of templates for different purposes, such as essay writing, math problem solving, and coding.

Is Caktus AI for You?

Caktus AI is a comprehensive AI tool designed specifically for students. While it has some limitations, such as longer response times for more complex problems and a lack of coding templates compared to other AI coding assistants, it is an incredibly powerful tool for tasks like writing essays and solving math problems.

However, it is important to remember that Caktus AI should be seen as an assistant rather than a complete solution for all your academic requirements. It is always advisable to fact-check the content generated by Caktus AI and ensure it is not plagiarized. Use Caktus AI as a tool to aid your learning and productivity.


With a monthly plan costing less than $25 or $99 yearly, Caktus AI is also a cost-effective option.


Can I Use Caktus AI at School?

Yes, Caktus AI can be beneficial for tasks like taking notes at school. However, it is important to consider AI tools as assistants rather than relying on them for all your academic assignments.

How Does Caktus AI Handle Plagiarism?

Caktus AI generates content based on the user’s input. While it can assist with generating ideas and content, it is crucial to fact-check and ensure that the generated content is not plagiarized.

Is Caktus AI legit?

Yes, Caktus AI is legit. The tool helps students with school. It will help you get the right answers and explain why it is correct.

Caktus AI, Cactus or Kactus AI?

The correct spelling for this tool is Caktus AI.