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Human Or Not

Unveiling the “Human or Not” game, a groundbreaking AI-interactive experience where participants are paired with potential human or AI counterparts. The challenge: discern whether your conversation partner is a bot or a real person within a two-minute timeframe. This intriguing game, originally designed as a student project supported by the latest research, delves into the capabilities of AI in generating lifelike interactions. However, the game is over and it is not possible to play it anymore.

Human Or AI Game

Complementing this is the “Human or AI Game,” a free text and photo quiz inviting users to distinguish between content crafted by human hands and that produced by advanced AI algorithms. As AI-generated media content reaches unprecedented levels of realism, this game serves as a litmus test for users to gauge their ability to identify the nuances that differentiate human and artificial creation.

The Human Or AI Game is free and is a quiz where you’ll need to guess if a picture or text was made by an AI or Human. It is quite fun to try and it is also harder than you might think. Some images I was 100% sure, were made by a Human, but no I was wrong.

Global statistics from the games reveal substantial participation, with 121,824 individuals engaging in the experience. The average success rate stands at 5 out of 10, indicating the difficulty in distinguishing between human and AI-generated content. Participants demonstrated a 44% accuracy rate in image-based quizzes and a 52% accuracy rate in text-based quizzes.

This project, rooted in a student initiative, emerges as a powerful tool for raising awareness about the advancements in AI-generated media content. It prompts reflection on the societal impact and ethical considerations surrounding this technological leap, pushing boundaries and shaping the discourse on the future of AI integration in our daily lives.